The Crew 2 open beta available from today provides players on all platforms an opportunity to test the open-world racer this weekend at no cost. The Crew 2 beta will be live today, and you’ll also get a very long weekend filled with flying, racing, around the U.S. before you. It is the ideal time to find out whether you dig Ubisoft’s second effort in the online, open-world racing until it comes out for real on June 29, and we have got all of the details you want to begin playing The Crew 2 right now.

Gamers will be treated to four days of racing pleasure during the whole open world beta for the game. At the final launch of this beta version of the game, players can unlock a massive choice of automobiles, bikes, ships, and airplanes to utilize across four distinct kinds of motor-sport challenges. These challenges include road racing, off-road expert racing, and freestyle. Numerous areas are playable in the game, and open beta players will have the ability to undergo eight. Those playing in the beta mode may also attempt co-op mode. Languages affirmed in The Crew two open beta will be exactly the same supported by the last game. The sport includes subtitles in Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Polish, Dutch, and Korean.

The Crew 2 Open Beta

When does The Crew 2 open beta start?

The Crew 2 open beta will begin from today, i.e. 21 June 2018. In this time you can try the beta version of the game for free and take out your favorite ride out on a date. It doesn’t matter if you like to fly or drive on road, The Crew 2 has everything to offer.
To play the open beta of the game – The Crew 2, head over to the official Ubisoft site and register/login to play the game. It will take some time for the game to download and install depending on your connection speed. But it will all be worth the wait. Go ahead, have fun and let us know in the comments if you liked the new installment of the game or not.

When will The Crew 2 open beta close?

As The Crew 2 open beta released just today, you have about four more days until you can register for the open beta and invite your friends to play the game with you. The open beta will close on 25 June 2018, after which the final version of the game will be released on 29 June 2018. So, you have all the weekend to yourself and this awesome beta of an awesome franchise – The Crew 2.

How can I download The Crew 2 open beta?

The Crew 2 open beta is live now and you can play it on the platform of your choice – PC, PS4, or Xbox One.

Players interested in trying out Ubisoft’s latest online racing game may obtain access to the forthcoming beta testing phase by going to the official beta signup site. All you have to do to start playing is head to your platform’s download store of choice (either Steam or Uplay on PC), search for The Crew 2 Open Beta, and download the client.

If you still have any doubts about how to download or play the game, then check out the FAQs section on the Ubisoft site.

The Crew 2 Open Beta Sign up